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lookup table(dimension table): who, what, where, when, how

data table: record, transaction,

use explicit measure, not implicit measure.

use measure. (dynamically calculated function)

calculated columns, stored in file

hide the column that you don’t need to use

use the same pattern for all your report:

high-level numbers — — — label/slicer/screen

break-down — — trends — — show selected details

line chart/ bar chart

  • Identify and connect to a data source
  • Get data from a relational database, such as Microsoft SQL Server
  • Get data from a file, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Get data from applications
  • Get data from Azure Analysis Services
  • Select a storage mode
  • Fix performance issues
  • Resolve data import errors

Get data from files

  • import data


In the specified duration, the ratio of total sales generated to the total number of transactions. This does not include transactions returned.


The total number of transactions generated in a given duration (includes both member and non-member transactions).

Customer- first purchase:

Average basket value:

Average basket item:

new customer top items:

number of units sold by item price:

number of transactions by total basket value:

Customer -repeated purchase: need to show comparsion to first purchase

number of transaction by basket value:

first purchase: average basket value,average basket items

subsequent purchase:average basket value,average basket items

average time between transactions

repeated customer top items:

purcahse frequence customer share by channel

total units sold by material line.

Data analyst

maximize the value of business data assets through visualization and reporting tools such as Power BI. Data analysts are responsible for profiling, cleaning, and transforming data. Their responsibilities also include designing and building scalable and effective data models and enabling and implementing the advanced analytics capabilities into reports for analysis…

Data analysis is the process of identifying, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover meaningful and useful information. The data is then crafted into a story through reports for analysis to support the critical decision-making process.

Descriptive analytics

Descriptive analytics help answer questions about what has happened based on historical data.


{% extends %}, {% block %} , {% endblock %}

  1. Create base.html
just put the common part of job_list.html, job_detail.html, jobs_with_type.html

2. Use base.html with { % block %}

category, tag{{% %}}, | filter

{{jobs | length}} to show the number of jobs posted.

Build views on webs (templates format)

Use templates to shape views on the webpage:

Show job list on homepage:





  1. Build http://localhost:8000/blog/1 to read detail content of a job posted
Job-> import libraries


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